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Sep 07 2024 - 18:30

Teatro Zandonai


A mosaic of animate and inanimate elements of the desert unfolds on the scene. Fluid creatures grow and thrive in the toughest conditions. The wind-exposed dunes offer an ephemeral, ever-changing landscape. The isolated inhabitants of this landscape develop an intense thirst for water and safety, in a search for solace that both drives animals and human tension towards spirituality. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui returns to Oriente Occidente with a performance that celebrates the spirit of friendship and community. The only way to survive in a barren world that cannot be tackled in solitude.


Choreography & directed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Performers Mabrouk Gouicem, Mohamed Toukabri, Pol Van den Broek, Kazutomi ‘Tsuki’ Kozuki, Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Maryna Kushchova (Ashotivna), Oliver Tida Tida, Jonas Vandekerckhove, Jonas Garrido Verwerft, Astrid Sweeney
Music composition Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Felix Buxton, Kaspy N’dia
Additional music Yarkin Türk Ritm Grubu, Gökhan Filizman, Ahmet Şahin, Mehmet Kemiksiz, Macadi Nahhas, Al Qantarah, Oli Savill (Percussion), Mohammed El Arabi-Serghini, traditional songs from the Amami islands in Japan
Sound design Felix Buxton
Live music Kaspy N’dia
Costumes Jan-Jan Van Essche
Set design Willy Cessa, Adam Carrée
Light design Willy Cessa, Sam Mary
Video design Paul Van Caudenberg
Assistant choreographer / rehearsal director Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Oscar Ramos

Lenght 65'