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Sep 07 2024 - 14:00



A project by Mart and Oriente Occidente

From an exhibition space to a stage for action. From a neutral container to a multifaceted, diversified, interactive environment. Over the course of time, museums have radically changed their form, entering into a profound relationship with the performing arts, and contemporary dance has found places to express itself in the halls of museums all over the world.

This is also the case at the Mart in Rovereto. Here, canvases and movements come together in the pursuit of the ephemeral, even when it appears permanent, and architecture becomes a courtyard in which to play with bodies and colours.

Tickets will be available soon.


Niente è davvero permanente

Choreography Lucrezia C. Gabrieli
Performer Lucrezia C. Gabrieli
Music Giacomo Calli, 42STEMS


Choreography Francesca Bertolini, Sebastiano Moltrer
Performers Francesca Bertolini, Sebastiano Moltrer


Choreography Morgana Furlani
Performer Morgana Furlani