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Sep 07 2024 - 20:00

Giardino delle Sculture

Cumbia – The music of South American soul


Between Colombian Cumbia, Son Cubano and Argentinian Chacarera, Pacha Kama play ancestral rhythms and turn the final evening of Oriente Occidente into a Latin party. Pachacamac is an ancient Inca god, the creator of the world and lord of earthquakes.
According to pre-Columbian legends, this deity lives in the depths of the earth and can make it tremble to the powerful rhythm of drum beats, setting off frenetic dances

Once again this year, the Festival closes with an evening of world music, featuring colourful clothing, shamanic rituals and Caribbean atmospheres.

Cumbia – La musica dell’anima sudamericana

Vocals/guitar Sebastian Torres 
Bass Mattia Franchina
Percussion Alessandro Venza and Alessio Oliva
Accordion Peppe Lana

Lenght 90'