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Sep 04 2024 - 17:00

Piazzale Caduti sul Lavoro


National premiere

"The sea is a soul unfolding without limits. From the waves giants are born, from fish sirens, from uncertain transparencies monsters and visions”. How frightening can the abyss be to those who set out to sea? What desires lie in the thought of a life beyond the waves? A self-supporting structure is a boat in the middle of the storm and two performers move on the border between dance and circus accompanied by live music, songs, words telling backwards the story of a shipwreck: from the moment the boat lies on the bottom of the ocean to the moment of departure. In the end, this time, comes the departure.


Concept, direction and choreography Piergiorgio Milano
Performers Viviane Miehe, Piergiorgio Milano
Original live music Steeve Eton
Costumes Carine Grimonpont
Set design Piergiorgio Milano
Structure construction Florian Wenger
Structure supervision Louis Schwartz
Lighting Alberto Ciafardoni
With the indispensable help of Florent Hamon
Special thanks to Lucia Brusadin, Mad Beltrami and Claudio Stellato
Production Marta Gallo - Gelsomina
In collaboration with Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse, Electropark, Posidonia Green Project
With the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo within the call ‘ART~WAVES. For creativity, from the idea to the scene
And with the support of Flic scuola di circo / SURREALE Residenze di Circo Contemporaneo, Cambiaso Risso Marine, Finsea, Rimorchiatori Riuniti, Ignazio Messina, Gruppo Cauvin, Cressi Sub, Molo Vecchio Marine Yacht Supplies, Play Juggling
Thanks to Albissola Marina Municipality, Avigliana Municipality, Moncirco, Apnea Center, Drafinsub, Vienna Brignolo, Giovanni Maia, Luca Lugari, Clara Storti, Elisa Melis, Chiara Cardona, Antonio Arnone, Enrica Boringhieri, Giorgio Distante, Valerie Doucet, Chiara Fasano, Sait Kruger, Enrica Rebaudo, Raphael Lamy, Quentin Alart, Mathias Combes, Quantum Sails, Federico Traverso, Association Eureka, Roberto Tomasinelli, Camilla Cerretti.

Lenght 45'