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IAC - Centro Arti Integrate

Creature Selvagge | IAC - Centro Arti Integrate | ph Giulia Lenzi

IAC - Centro Arti Integrate is concerned mainly with theatre promotion and production and was established in 2010 by Nadia Casamassima and Andrea Santantonio, now co-artistic directors of the centre. Their research aims to create a connection with the territory they inhabit, Matera, through collaborative working methods in which everyone can find their own space, discover new skills and aptitudes, and experiment.

Over the years they have realised training and communication workshops in collaboration with schools and associations, addressing their proposal also to fragile people, people with disabilities or groups that have difficult access to cultural processes; in fact, they combine artistic research with a high attention to the social world.

Generazione Z is an artistic research project on adolescence carried out between Trento and Rovereto with numerous groups of boys and girls aged between 14 and 22.

Widening spaces of action and consolidating processes of care is the basis of the work of IAC - Centro Arti Integrate, which extends its research to centres and peripheries, to limits and possibilities, to the real and the imaginary, inviting young people to challenge the possible and push themselves towards the impossible.

The performing arts workshop Creature Selvagge, dedicated to the relationship between boys, girls, the adult world and the natural environment, developed from the investigation with groups of adolescents.

Through their collaboration with cooperatives and schools in Trentino, Andrea Santantonio and Nadia Casamassima were able to meet and enter into relations with many young people in the area and shaped their working method into a practice of horizontal pedagogy.

Experimenting, sharing, including, exchanging: these were the key words that guided the artistic and relational process, with the clear aim of questioning contemporary reality together with people who are facing the world and its complexity.