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Creature selvagge

Creature Selvagge graphics
Performing arts workshop
Feb 02 2023

The environment needs us. Our thoughts, our actions, our art.

Wild creatures: it is time to move together for a change, to discover the world around us and the people who inhabit it.

The project

Creature selvagge is a performing arts workshop on the relationship between people and the environment through the language of theatre, dance and the arts in general.

Art becomes a tool for expressing feelings related to the environmental and climate issues that characterise the era we live in, a way to get active and have a confrontation with other boys and girls who want to get involved to find solutions and discover themselves.

The journey is structured through exercises and theatrical and movement practices that will contribute to the creation of a climate of listening, dialogue and openness to differences.

The journey will end with a final restitution, a performance inspired by the direct experience during the course.


In the rooms of our Studio in Corso Rosmini 58, Rovereto. During the course of the workshop, the possibility of holding some meetings in other locations in the city will be considered.


The course is scheduled to start in February and end in May 2023.

Meeting dates:
3-4 February
3-4 and 17-18 March
31 March and 1 April
13-14 and 21-22-23 April
5-6-7 May
14-15-16-17-18-19-20 May (19 and 20 May final presentation)

Each meeting will last approximately 3 hours.

Who is it aimed at?

Boys and girls aged between 14 and 22.

What are we talking about?

Care and respect for the environment - seen as the complex system of cultural, social, economic, ethical and political parameters in which we live - will be the main theme of development.

Due to the pandemic and the decreasing habit of experiencing nature and the environment we are suffering a serious loss: that of the relationship with the open, living world around us.

In the proposed workshops we will try to investigate new forms of relationship, first among ourselves, and then in relation to what lies beyond, trying to generate possible or unexpected kinships.

A real training in considering the impossible and developing a new or simply dormant form of curiosity.

IAC Centro Arti Integrate

IAC has been involved in theatrical promotion and production since 2010 in a space located in Matera and was born from the desire to meet, listen and look at what theatre creates.

The proposed courses are characterised by a collaborative working method in which everyone can find the right space to practise their aptitudes and skills. They combine artistic quality with a focus on social issues: experimenting, learning, exchanging, including, and being part of a collective process are the themes that unite the projects.

The project is realised in collaboration with IAC Centro Arti Integrate.