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May 20 2023 - 18:30
Sep 28 2023 - 09:00

Auditorium Melotti

Creature Selvagge. The performance

A modern fable with a topical flavour: the planet must be saved and only those with less power seem to realise this.

Wild creatures are hybrid beings, half animal, half teenager: an endangered species. Or rather, creatures halfway between two endangered species.

The former often victims of 'human progress' that has made the world an unwelcoming place for them, the latter urged to grow faster and faster to meet the needs of the successful society.

Living with the adult human being who makes decisions for himself and the environment he inhabits has now become too big a problem: summoned by the crow, the wild creatures gather in assembly to address the issue. Amidst pitfalls, controversies, threats and discussions, each creature proposes a solution, a punishment, a lesson.

It is the story of all time, that of the search for balance between humans and nature. But what would happen if the wild creatures really disappeared?

Photos from the workshop Creature Selvagge | ph. Giulia Lenzi

In collaboration with Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara

Direction and texts Nadia Casamassima, Andrea Santantonio, IAC - Integrated Arts Centre

Performers Giovanni Baratto, Rafika Belarbi, Sara Azzurra Canino, Francesca Da Rugna, Arianna De Cia, Edoardo Della Gala, Anna Gramola, Chiara Mattevi, Fabio Prezzi, Fabiano Stedile

Live music Gabriele Candioli, Davide Di Leo, Elia Minutillo, Francesca Santuari, Giovanni Zeni (CDM Rovereto students)

Music composition Mattia Benuzzi (CDM Rovereto teacher)

Creative contribution to the movement Sharing Training TN

Scenographic creation Professional Training Institute "Sandro Pertini" of Trento

Supervision of scenographic creation Dario Mezzanzanica (lecturer at Istituto di Formazione Professionale "Sandro Pertini", wood)

Costume consulting Chiara Defant

Hairstyles Milena Belfanti, Michela Dallatina, Ilaria Vaccaro, Ahlala Seher, Nadia Hanzallari, Bassma El Mir, Martina Miori, Veronica Zanon, Wentao Zhou (Professional Training Institute "Sandro Pertini", personal services)

Hairstyling care and supervision Sabrina Brugnara, Roberta Grassi (Professional Training Institute "Sandro Pertini", personal services)

Technical consultancy Denis Frisanco

In collaboration with CDM, Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara, Professional Training Institute "Sandro Pertini" personal services and wood, Opera Armida Barelli, Sharing Training TN

With the support of Fondazione Caritro