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Jun 11 2021
Jun 11 2022

Life itself is a journey to be walked on foot

- Bruce Chatwin

Movement, motion, displacement. But also passage, overcoming, change.

To trespass means to cross limits, boundaries, moments. Often in the history of human beings these phases are marked by rituals that accompany the movement from one place to another, from one moment to the next. Ceremonials have always accompanied the existence of communities and their roots go back to distant times, underlining our need to feel part of a whole. The communities that are settled nor nomadic, religious nor secular, those more dedicated to progress nor those more tied to tradition, do not avoid it.

In many rituals that cross the world it is not difficult to find the movement of the body, be it a dance or a walk. The body of the individual at the disposal of the social body moves, disguises itself, puts on make-up, dances, walks, tells realistic stories.

Just like a ritual Sconfinamenti was born: after a period that has distanced us from each other, it seeks a new sense of community, through one of the oldest forms of secular ceremonial: the movement of the body.

We follow some paths together, we spend time in nature, we take part to the performance at the end of the walk and they often are about the relationship between humans and nature.

The project was born during the pandemic and it