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Oct 24 2021


Sconfinamenti. Dance, sculpture and sound come together in Oltrepassare, a site-specific action inspired by the relationship between man and mountain and the mountaineering feats undertaken to cross a border.

Two bodies in relation to each other investigate the climb with the help of sound sculptures which, worn like two unusual backpacks, offer a completely different sound and visual sensation of immersion in nature. The sculptures, as well as recalling the mountaineer's equipment, are connected to microphones placed in the shoes that amplify the walk and read the different conformities of the ground, allowing the two dancers to merge with the environment of the Monte Baldo Local Nature Park and create a unique score of movements and sounds for each place.

Walking becomes a tool for reading the landscape, a ritual, a challenge, a path to take uphill: each of us is the child of infinite trespasses, the child of steps that have crossed passes and mountains.

At the end of the performance a tasting of Castione chestnuts, accompanied by a special chestnut honey beer, an amber nectar in which 3 different malts and 3 different hops mix with the strong and slightly bitter taste of chestnut honey, which gives this beer a unique colour, aroma and scent. And for the little ones, plenty of organic elderberry syrup!

Oltrepassare (a Castione)

Dancers Silvia Dezulian e Filippo Porro
Sound sculptures
Martina Dal Brollo
Technical support and 3D model
Gabriel Garcia
A production of
Azioni Fuori Posto
With the support of
Festival delle Resistenze Contemporanee di Trento e Bolzano, Pergine Festival

In collaboration with APT - Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto e Vallagarina and Azienda Agricola Biologica Viesi Carlo