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Sep 04 2024 - 20:00



The power of a shipwreck suddenly overwhelms us and takes everything away with it, forcing us to come to terms with our own existence. This is when we encounter a new limit. It is a wall that seems insurmountable, but it is also a radical change, a point from which we can start afresh to build something new.

This time, however, the shipwreck is due to something nice. This time it will be a story with a happy ending. This time the castaways are in love. A bewilderment that makes one tremble and stagger amidst a fog of feelings.


Choreography Luciano Padovani
By and with Alice Beatrice Carrino, Giuseppe Morello
Costumes Chiara Defant
Lights Thomas Heuger
Production Compagnia Naturalis Labor
Supported by Mic / Regione Veneto / Comune di Vicenza

Duration 16'