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Sep 06 2024 - 17:00


"Sta nera qua" and "Afroitaliano"

Lina Simons and Tommy Kuti with Johnny Mox

Lina Simons and Tommy Kuti moderated by Johnny Mox

Multiculturalism is fluid and real among youth, including in Italy. Multiple identities merge, mingle, and give rise to a generation that makes room for itself, sometimes laboriously, by breaking down walls of ignorance, racism, and prejudice. On their side, however, they have music

Lina Simons, pseudonym of Pasqualina De Simone. Daughter of a Nigerian mother and Italian father, she was born in Pozzuoli and grew up in the province of Benevento where she and her mother were the only black people. Today she lives in London, makes music and studies Music Business and Entrepreneurship. In 2024, she was on stage at the First of May concert in Rome.

Tommy Kuti was born in Nigeria and has lived in Italy since he was two years old after his family moved to the province of Brescia. He graduated from Cambridge in Communication and returned to Italy to devote himself to music. He worked with Paola Zukar and Fabri Fibra. In 2018 he participated in the Pechino Express reality game show and in 2019 Rizzoli published his first book. 

Johnny Mox, Gianluca Taraborelli, is a musician, journalist, author, and producer. He is the founder of Stregoni, a project that has brought over 5000 migrants and asylum seekers to the stage. He is the author of narrative podcasts Bagliore, Sete-La Grande Transizione, Voit, Senso, La Montagna Invisibile, Gomma, Uccidimi adesso produced by Osuonomio. He is also the author of the Graphic Novel "Polifonia", illustrated by Chiara Fazi. He works as an editorial curator for SETE Festival and coordinates the Upload School project. In 2022, he co-founded the electronic duo Addio Addio with Lovra Gina.