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Sep 02 2024 - 16:00

Mart - Conference hall

What colour is the women's movement?

Jennifer Guerra and Anna Maria Gehnyei

In recent times, feminist causes have been tinged with pink and have become pop and market-responsive. However, is tamed feminism not, in fact, a capitalist strategy? And what if instead of pink, '"Eurocentric" feminism considers "black" its colour? What do we need to free ourselves from and by which perspectives should we be contaminated in order to find a contemporary identity for the women's movement?

Jennifer Guerra is a professional journalist and has written for L'Espresso, Sette, La Stampa, Fanpage and The Vision, where she worked as an editor. She focuses on gender issues, feminisms and LGBTQ+ rights and is the author of essays on feminism. Her latest book is “Il femminismo non è un brand”, published by Einaudi.

Anna Maria Gehnyei (Karima 2G) is the pseudonym of Anna Maria Gehnyei, an Italian singer, dancer, author and producer of Liberian background. She made her solo debut in 2014. In 2022 she debuted at Oriente Occidente in “If There Is No Sun”, which she also authored with Irene Russolillo. In 2023 her first novel, “Il corpo nero”, was published by Fandango.