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Incontrarsi: attraverso di me

Incontrarsi: Attraverso di me is an artistic research project led by Dora Schembri, dancer and performer, Giorgia Parmeni, jazz singer and performer, and Chiara Gulino, user researcher and designer who is completing her studies in Human-Computer Interaction.

The project stems from Chiara Gulino's need to use technology to create physical contact between visually impaired, blind and sighted people. In a previous project, in fact, the student had the opportunity to listen to the stories of people with this disability and understand their difficulty in experiencing, through the body, the encounter with others.

The idea stems from the desire to make technology accessible and to publicise its various applications, particularly in the artistic field.

- Chiara Gulino

The intuition is to use Playtronica's TouchMe, a device that transforms touch into an acoustic effect, to make contact by 'playing'. This technology is a musical instrument, a multisensory experience for everyone, a catalyst of perceptions that makes it possible to experiment with the sound gesture.

The participants' desire to show the work done during the days of the residency is transformed into a performance that combines bodily practice with music and poetry in an inclusive vision and confrontation with the audience. The last part of the evening will consist of a musical jam session in which all those present will be able to participate.

The final performance at the end of the project is on Sunday 10 July at 9 p.m. in our venue in Corso Rosmini, 58 Rovereto.

Participation is free, but it is necessary to register by clicking here.

Dora Schembri, began her artistic training at Scenario Pubblico with the Modem Atelier course in Catania. In 2020 she obtained a diploma in contemporary dance at the National Academy of Dance in Rome.

He realises theatre and video dance projects with the OS Collective together with dancer and performer Maria Cargnelli and musician and composer Benedetto Gulino. She received a mention for her choreography Presentemente for the "Lasciateci Sognare" festival in Padua. From 2018 to 2020 she participates in Giorgia Maddamma's Unitanz campus in collaboration with the Folkwang der Künste in Essen. Choreographer and performer of M.M.M (Met,Meet,Melt) presented at the VENERE IN TEATRO Festival in Venice. Performer for Season by Davide Sportelli and Capriccio Italiano by Mario Piazza.

He attended Pilates Reformer seminars with Enzo Ventimiglia and drum and percussion lessons with maestro Mirko Augello.

Giorgia Parmeni is a singer and songwriter from the province of Frosinone. She graduated from the three-year jazz singing course in December 2021 at the Licinio Refice conservatory in Frosinone and is currently attending the two-year jazz singing course at the same conservatory with teacher Susanna Stivali.

She graduated in 2021 as a songwriter and performer at the Centro Europeo di Toscolano (CET) and as a songwriter at Officina delle arti Pier Paolo Pasolini in 2018. Winner of the Premio Tenco 2019 as best collective project album with the album Viaggio In Italia: Cantando le nostre radici with the artistic collective Adoriza, of which she is a full member.

Giorgia Parmeni has had experience in different genres as a singer: Pop, Jazz, Folk, Popular and also in contemporary music, often collaborating with emerging contemporary music composers.

Chiara Gulino has a degree in philosophy and is currently a student in Human-Computer Interaction. Through her studies she is trying to apply the principles of UX design for accessibility and inclusion by interweaving creativity and technology. Meet: Through Me was born from curricular project work that became artistic research through the use of design thinking principles.

The cultural association GLOW is a partner of the project