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Sep 06 2024 - 18:30

Auditorium Melotti


Preview | Co-produced by Oriente Occidente

A group of young people leave a rave party at dawn and climb a hill to watch a rare phenomenon. For a moment the moon will transit the sun, completely obscuring the Earth: it is a total eclipse.
In a journey lasting an entire day, the group faces fatigue and attraction for the unknown, looking for an answer to escape boredom: the body explodes with fear and urgency to affirm its identity, moving from solitude to the community.

A crooked journey of growth through anger and rapture in a furious dance. Amidst the sound backdrop of live electro-noise music, rhythmic lyrics, fast-paced dialogues, songs about the uncertainty of the future and a prayer to the stars for a return to nature emerge. In a light never seen before, the eclipse of the world we have known until now has arrived. Which Icarus will have the courage to face this sun?

In its incessant pursuit of weaving relationships, Balletto Civile returns to Oriente Occidente with a project that once again focuses on the body as a form of resistance. It includes a performance and two incursions into public spaces, made during a workshop in Rovereto with dance and theatre enthusiasts of all age groups.

A true collective manifesto investigating how a community can move through the shadows and return to the light.


Choreography and direction Michela Lucenti
Dramaturgy Maurizio Camilli, Emanuela Serra
On stage Fabio Bergaglio, Leonardo Castellani, Giovanni Fasser, Confident Frank, Michele Hu, Thybaud Monterisi, Carla Vukmirovic
Lighting design Stefano Mazzanti
Original music and live sound design Thybaud Monterisi
Costumes Chiara Defant
Choreography assistance Alessandro Pallecchi
Staging assistance Giulia Spattini
Set design ERT / Teatro Nazionale scenographic workshop
Workshop manager and chief builder Gioacchino Gramolini
Production Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale, Balletto Civile, Oriente Occidente
With the support of SCARTI Centro di Produzione Teatrale d'Innovazione - Progetto Habitat
Special thanks to Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara

Duration 70'