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Sep 03 2024 - 16:00

Teatro alla Cartiera

Deserto tattile

Associate artist | World premiere | Co-production Oriente Occidente

The desert understood as boundless physical space and existential condition.
The scene presents an abyss of evaporating places that dissolves the definitions of limit and distance. Deserto tattile is an invitation to get lost in a mirage traversed by opaque and solitary travelling figures contended between distance and proximity, immersed in an environment capable of suspending the rhythm of everyday life to the point of annulling our perception of space-time. Nicola Galli's new creation condenses gesture, light and sound to explore the forms of the tactile and contemplation.

Deserto tattile

Concept, direction and choreography Nicola Galli
Dance Nicola Galli, Giulio Petrucci
Dramaturg Giulia Melandri
Production TIR Danza, Nebula
Co-production Oriente Occidente
Artistic residences TROIS C-L, Oriente Occidente, PIM Off
With the support of Network Grand Luxe, Orbita | Spellbound Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza

Duration 60'

selected piece for NID Platform 2023 - open studios