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Sep 08 2020 08:00

Oriente Occidente Studio

Tools for action workshop

Pep Ramis

Pep Ramis will offer a workshop where you can experience the mechanisms of action and what they can unleash. A look at movement and body-writing in action.

Precision, duration, commitment, intensities, silence, absences, presences, habitability, linearity, timing, musicality, rhythm and writing are some of the terms we shall be looking at during the course.

The workshop will be lead in Italian.


Performer, choreographer and i co-director of Mal Pelo. Co-director of L’animal a l’esquena, center for creation and research. From 1987 to 1988 he performed in Scirocco, performance by Adriana Borriello, Italy, In 1.988 he has collaborated with María Muñoz in the creation of the solo Cuarto Trastero.

In January 1989 he found with María Muñoz the dance group Mal Pelo.

In the early years he is in charge of the construction of set performances. In recent years, he develops his pictorial and video creation work: the latest project is Clear Night, a trilogy for a video installation, which will run between 2010 and 2013.

In 1997, together with María Muñoz created a parallel project, L'animal a l’esquena research and creation center.

He performed the solo Dol (Jacob's Pillow, Massachussets 94), who get the award Joan Magrinyà 1995 of dance performers, which concedes the Regional Government of Barcelona. Mal Pelo won the National Award of Catalunya in 2002 and the National Dance Award in 2009.




8 September 2020 from 10 am to 1 pm


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