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Sep 09 2020 08:00

Oriente Occidente Studio

Lab ImPArt. Ripensare il palcoscenico

ImPArt artists

A workshop in dialogue between artists and teams on how we can use the tools of accessibility as creative possibilities. How to bring accessibility to the beginning of the creative process, how to aspire to equity in participation in live performance?

ImPArt's research has lasted two and a half years and the result is three international co-productions, but also a series of experiences gained in the field among artists, experts and scientists who will share their experience, also with practical examples, during the laboratory.


You can proceed with the registration:

  • by calling +39 0464 431660

  • by email to info@orienteoccidente.it and sending the registration form

Since the workshops will be started by Oriente Occidente Studio after reaching a minimum number of participants, it is essential that the registrations are received as soon as possible.

The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.