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Pietro Marullo

Insieme Irreali Company

Pietro Marullo is an Italian artist based in Brussel, where he founded INSIEME IRREALI Company, supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

His interdisciplinary work lies at the intersection of visual and performing art, installation and new technologies, deeply focused on social, historical and anthropological topics. His works are presented in four continents, in very important dance festival, performing art festival, theaters, music networks, puppet-object and contemporary art platforms, such as: Seoul International Dance Festival, José Limon Dance Festival, Danse Elargie/Théâtre de la Ville, Beijing Dance Festival, National Italian Dance Platform.

Since 2015, Pietro is developing an anthropologic and aesthetic reflection about the links between reality and symbolic languages. This approach engages him to create a « imaginary of the species », a philosophical statement that should conduct our societies to face their own histories and common global issues from the larger point of view of the species.

Associated artist of Oriente Occidente since 2019, Pietro Marullo creates visionary works focused on multidisciplinary research and philosophical questions. Matter, the focus of his hybrid and empathic work, combines symbolic and sensory, kinetic and interior dimensions.

In September 2020, Pietro Marullo spent a period of research in Rovereto to investigate some aspects related to new concepts, in different formats, that the choreographer is developing between the anthropological transformation linked to technology and the ecological crisis.

On this occasion, there were a series of meetings to open new dialogues with experts and local organisations related to these issues, to create new collaborations and think about shared actions in anticipation of the development of a new choreographic work.

The 2019 project entitled HIVE - our hydrological need of cosmic lines develops a powerful aesthetic and anthropological reflection starting from Michelangelo's Tondo Doni.

This depiction of the Holy Family delves into the unfathomable origins of the very concept of family, extending it in a dreamlike manner to all living things.

HIVE - our hydrological need of cosmic lines was presented in Rovereto during the 2019 edition of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.

The topic of Holy Family represent for me an anthropologic issue rather than a religious aspect. And I immediately started to reflect about the relationship between families and our planet. Where does the idea of family come from? From really far. And it is always related to survival of a human group. Should we enlarge today our vision of family? And what would be the consequences?

Those questions are in my mind since the beginning of this project.

- Pietro Marullo