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Ludovico Paladini

Reality suddenly explodes

you realise everything

everything is made for you,

for your gaze.

The world whispers between your eyelids

sometimes it shouts

other times it laughs

then cries with you.

- Ludovico Paladini

Ludovico Paladini began his training in dance at the Mi la Danse school, where he took courses in Hip Hop, Contemporary and Classical Dance.

In 2017, he entered the University of Arts of the Manufacture scene, in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he trained not only as a performer, but also as a creator. During his studies he presents works of his own production or in a collective.

In 2020, he presents for the first time a work-in-progress version of his solo Tales of FreeDoom at Teatro delle Muse, which will be performed again in its evolution at the INTEATRO festival in Polverigi 2021, and in Pesaro in December 2021.

Paladini joined Maria La Ribot's company in 2021. In March 2022 she performs in the Alcalà 31 exhibition space in Madrid, at the event focusing on the choreographer's career.

In 2021, she performs in Olivia Grandville's latest show, Debandade.

In September 2021, she performs in Geneva as a performer in the show L' Amour de la fille et du garçon by Prisca Harsch and Pascal Gravat, at the Antigel festival.

Ludovico Paladini is in artistic residence in our halls from 16 to 30 June 2022. The Leftovers project, a performance project whose focus is on creative research using recycled materials, stems from the author's interest in creating from the old, with a contemporary perspective.

The dump is a place that is constantly filling up and emptying. Every object there has a history, a past, but no future. With his practice, Paladini intends to give new utility to these materials.

The artistic research is based on rediscovering, renewing, surprising, forgetting for a moment the utility or purpose for which the object was produced, in order to explore all its artistic and choreographic possibilities.

My dance is made up of layers of information that is created through improvisation, which implies paying special attention to my surroundings, to the external and internal atmosphere.

- Ludovico Paladini

The research begins at the CRM in Rovereto, trying to intercept objects that are thrown away, they lead him to the discovery of three characters who make 'appearances' around the city. The work is therefore strongly shaped around the object and the environment, the places themselves inspire the atmosphere and the choreographic quality of the performance.

In the art world we are constantly looking for the new, the original, but originality, I believe, is not found in the material itself, but in the way it is approached and rediscovered.

- Ludovico Paladini

The project is supported by Fondazione Caritro. Cassa di risparmio di Trento e Rovereto and is realised in collaboration with Dolomiti Ambiente and the H2O+ Association