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Lorenzo Morandini

Lorenzo Morandini started his training at the Teatro Nuovo in Turin to continue at Trinity Laban in London where he graduated in 2016 with the choreographic research The Enlightenment. From 2018 to 2021 he is among the authors of the Incubatore CIMD project in Milan, where he develops his first choreographic project: IDILLIO. Project supported by Più che danza! and MilanOltre festivals, and the artistic residencies at Movimento Danza, the company Abbondanza/ Bertoni with the KOMM TANZ call, and our Studio within Passo Nord. The creation was selected for the Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore 2021 of the Network Anticorpi XL. In 2020 he is selected for the training project Nuove Traiettorie and with the collective AZIONIfuoriPOSTO he organises the festival Danzare A monte in Val di Fiemme. He is interpreter for the project Perspectiva: vedere attraverso conceived by Silvia Dezulian and Filippo Porro, presented at our Festival in 2020 and at CROSS Festival in 2021.

S is Lorenzo Morandini's second choreographic project. Resuming the study on movement and the body defined as "baroque" for its extravagance full of nuances and repetitions in IDILLIO, he leaves new and unusual possibilities of investigation on the stage.

This project features FPV drones, very light devices that allow connection to a visor worn by Fabrizio Botto, a professional pilot and an integral part of the design and performance. The choreographer's desire is to overturn the perspective by shifting the focus to the observation of the drone, which usually represents the "eyes" of the user, and of its pilot immersed in the vision given by the device and on stage with his displaced and confused body.

The focus of the research is the relationship between the three moving elements, the dancer, the drone and the pilot-avatar who present different characteristics and intentions from each other in a continuous exchange of energy. It is no coincidence that the choice of the S symbolises entropy, the law that determines the exchange of energy in an attempt to find a balance. Mattia Nardon's music and lights guide this process and create the vision of an improbable, but not impossible world.