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Francesco Colaleo e Maxime Freixas

Cie MF company is a French contemporary dance and physical theatre company directed by Maxime Freixas and Francesco Colaleo. The authors' need is to translate into movement themes with which everyone can identify. The artistic objective becomes the passionate search for a physical and energetic gestural truth, contaminated by the communicative power of all applied arts, with a particular attention to cinema, painting and plasticity of sculpture.

Maxime Freixas was born in Béziers (France) in 1989. He trained at the Epsedanse and Mondap ART centers in France and began his professional experience with the Ballet Junior in Geneva. He dances for Hofesh Schecter, Thierry Malandain, Guilherme Bothello, Patrice Barthes, Ron Howell and Alain Gruttadauria. In 2014 he joins the company Ballet Actuel directed by Nathalie Bard. Since 2012 he and Francesco Colaleo are choreographer of Compagnie MF.

Francesco Colaleo was born in Naples in 1988 and began his studies at Labart T.C.S. He collaborates with the Zappalà Danza Company, the Colletivo NaDa of Antonello Tudisco, the Cie Ismael Ivo and the Company Les Danseurs Napolitains, with Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei, the Cie Tiziana Arnaboldi, the Cie Anou Skan. He wins, as a young choreographer, the Naples Fringe in 2013 with In.Corpo.Reo.

In October 2019 Francesco Colaleo and Maxime Freixas are in the spaces of Oriente Occidente Studio to develop their new project C'est Pas Grave (the unbearable lightness of being).

The research stems from the desire to relativize the impact that events have on our lives, drawing possible body landscapes, involving the public in an empathetic and emotional process.

A process of upheaval of structures in order not to be overwhelmed by the weight of difficulties, of a heavy body or a wounded spirit. A gestural research on the ambivalent meaning of gravity, both material and symbolic, which pervades our lives at all times, directs the two artists towards a method of ironic and light choreographic writing, which simplifies the encounter without minimizing its impact.

C'est Pas Grave was presented to the public as part of the program of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2020.

The journey of a performance for us is a journey into an imaginary world. It is very important to be able to allow the audience to empathically participate in the proposal.

- Francesco Colaleo

Through ResiDance XL: a new action of Network Anticorpi XL - Network Giovane Danza D'Autore, coordinated by L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino of which Oriente Occidente is part, the company CIE MF develops in creative residence, in 2018, the project Farde-Moi.

The work, designed for five performers, wants to explore the theme of identity in today's society. Mask, conceived as prestige or makeup, is the medium that approaches, in a sensitive way, the magical to the real.

A work on group listening and, at the same time, on individuality; on the difference between parody and imitation, between identification and interpretation. A creative process that wants to explore, with the language of contemporary dance, a theme that the theater has long inhabited: humor and the feelings of the opposite.

Farde-Moi, co-produced by Oriente Occidente, wants to express the human complexity with lightness, establishing an empathic, direct, deep and lasting contact with the observer, through a reflection that starts and moves from the body.