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Europe Beyond Access

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Jun 07 2021 - 22:00

As of 2021 we are the Italian leader of the Europe Beyond Access 2021-2023 network, which is committed to creating a network of allies aimed at questioning and discussing issues of accessibility and inclusion in the performing arts in order to generate awareness, disseminate knowledge and experiences of good practice, and encourage greater participation and leadership of artists and cultural workers with disabilities.

The network is committed to encouraging stakeholders to develop strategies and action plans to enable and encourage the participation of people with disabilities in the performing arts, ensuring continuous consultation of people with disabilities and their representative organisations during this process.

Europe Beyond Access aims to:

  • Support artists with disabilities in the internationalisation of their artistic innovations and careers

  • Develop a network of leading mainstream organisations committed to presenting and commissioning at the highest level

  • Create a European audience interested in high quality innovative work by European disabled artists

  • Develop tools and understanding in the wider performing arts market

  • Collaborate with many of the world's leading arts networks to promote excellent artistic works and train professionals

  • Promote change in a cultural sector that systematically marginalises disabled artists and arts professionals

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