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Sep 11 2020 - 19:00

Progetto Manifattura, Rovereto


"Not everyone is born with their feet on the ground." With this slogan dominating their website homepage, Sonics clarifies, without hesitation or doubt, the mission of their chosen artistic path. Sonic is one of the most well-known acrobatic aerial dance companies in Europe, a pioneer of the genre in our country. Founded in Turin in 2001, it was the brainchild of Alessandro Pietrolini and Ileana Prudente, respectively artistic director/director of ​performances and performer/costume designer of the group.

To date, the company’s carnet de bal is made up of eight different performances - Meraviglia, Duum, Osa, Steam, Locanda Lumière, Toren, Wish and Flight - presented in all four corners of the globe. Thousands of people have been kept with their noses strictly upturned and with bated breath, as happened for the final performance of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin or the Inauguration of the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, within the framework of the UEFA Euro 2012.

At Oriente Occidente they present Osa, a magical performance in which the six bodies of the performers, suspended on a large upturned steel pyramid, give life to light acrobatic vaults for an hour of adrenaline and emotions. In Osa the challenge to gravity is won with manoeuvres on the trapeze, the hoop, ropes and aerial fabric. The performers outline sinuous figures, choreographic sequences, dancers in unison, athletic movements suspended between dream and reality. Here athletic strength and graceful movement are associated with a discipline of iron, both mental and physical,   necessary in order to continuously overcome one's limits. Without the courage to achieve something that until shortly before was considered undoable, Sonics wouldn’t exist.


Choreography and direction Alessandro Pietrolini
Director of choreography 
Alessandro Pietrolini, Federica Vaccaro
Costume Design
 Ileana Prudente, Irene Chiarle
Fanzia Verlicchi for Equipe Events sas/Sonics srl