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Sep 06 2020 - 16:00
Sep 06 2020 - 20:00

Progetto Manifattura, Rovereto

Entre nous...


In spite of their name, and the title of the show that they stage in Rovereto, Between us..., the Cirque Entre Nous wins the viewer over, involving the spectator in human warmth and convolutions.

There are five artists on stage, all trained in the circus arts (and much more), of different nationalities with experiences in the most important circus tents in the world: Héloise is French, Constance is Swiss, Jeremias and Matias are Argentinians and David is Canadian. For their collective adventure, undertaken in 2017 in France, they were joined by Lucas Condro, an Argentinian choreographer trained at the SNDO in Amsterdam with David Zambrano. Together they traveled to discover new horizons in a world without artistic and cultural borders.

Their specialty is the Chinese pole, a very ancient discipline – that has been practised in China since the twelfth century - to which the contemporary circus (and pole dance) has given new life with supple acrobatics, fluid aerial choreographies and credible dramatics. In addition to the traditional acrobatic 'poses', such as the one that has become a “must-do” skill, namely the human flag, in which the body of the performer at the pole , is in the air, parallel to the ground, remaining there for several seconds, what really rules the roost in the show  is  is the organic nature of the relationships between the interpreters and the song and dance of the ​narrative.

In an open-air space, the public finds three Chinese poles that are over 5 meters high, a few scattered chairs and musical instruments. Soon this space will be invaded by the five performers: at first cautiously, then

gradually sharing glances with each other, they, create intimacy through laughter and shared stories. As their gyrations increase, so their solidarity on the pole grows and the group by virtuosity and intimate cooperation, in suppleness, without fear of gravity.

Entre nous...

Choreography Lucas Condro
Interpreters and creators
 Héloïse Bourgeois, Matias Plaul, Jeremias Faganel, Constance Bugnon, David Ayotte
Quentin Bouissou