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The winning names

Artistic residency Decisione Consapevole, 2022 | ph Giulia Lenzi
Here are the artists who will be in residence in our Studio for 2024

For 2024, we released a call for artistic residencies last fall, receiving a total of about 164 applications from Italy and various parts of the world.

After an intense and challenging evaluation process, our committee finalized the selection.

Among those who are still in the research phase, those who are already halfway through their work or those who need to perfect their choreographic work in the studio, here are the names of artists who will be in our Studio for the next year:

  • Gianmaria Borzillo

  • Claudia Caldarano

  • Edoardo Mozzanega

  • Sofia Nappi

  • Cristina Kristal Rizzo

  • Stefania Tansini