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Al.Di.Qua Artists

video-manifesto by Al.Di.Qua Artists
The video premiere of the first european association of disabled artists

Female film directors, actors, choreographers, performing arts workers. Different bodies that express themselves through the medium of art but are still not as visible as they should be. They’re the subject of columns on disability. Beyond the invisible wall that divides persons who are considered able-bodied from those who are considered disabled.

The members of Al.Di.Qua. Artists – Italy’s first trade association grouping artists with disabilities – are now climbing over this wall demanding that people look at their art. Their video manifesto, which is both a cultural and a political statement, was screened for the first time on Wednesday, 23 March, at 10 am, at the Nuovo Sacher cinema in Trastevere, Rome.

Al.Di.Qua. Artists (Alternative Disability Quality Artists) defines itself as "Italy’s first trade association of entertainment industry workers with disabled bodies" and was created in 2020, when artists from diverse sectors and with different disabilities came together to discuss their condition and offer solutions to a range of issues.

What are their demands exactly? First of all, accessibility, in terms of both attendance to and production of artistic events and activities, as well as access to study and work opportunities for artists with disabilities. Changing the underlying imaginary of disabled people.

We support and stand with them since the start, watching them, listening to them, recognizing them. Being with them.

Made possible thanks to the support of and Creative Europe.

Below is the full video manifesto.