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Sep 08 2023 18:30

Auditorium Melotti, Rovereto

Toi, Moi, Tituba…

Dorothée Munyaneza | Compagnie Kadidi

National premier

Tituba is a woman; she is black and a witch at a time when it is not good to be any of these things.

Dorothée Munyaneza finds her story thanks to the work of philosopher Elsa Dorlin and Maryse Condé's book entitled I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem, and decides to use her own body to do justice to Tituba and to all the people who have simply gone unnoticed, erased from history and from the "colonial archives".

Toi, Moi, Tituba... is a collective solo, in which the body and voice of Dorothée Munyaneza – who is dancing and acting alone on the stage - become the body and voice of those who have endured violence, the denial of their identity, slavery and eventually oblivion.

At a time when adapting seems to be the best solution, Munyaneza suggests a work of resistance instead, asking and raising important questions about the relationship between violence, skin colour and gender.

For her, beauty exists in insubordination.

Amelie Blaustein Niddam, Le Figaro


Accessible space for people with physical disabilities.
Accessible to people who are deaf.

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Toi, Moi, Tituba…

Artistic direction & performance Dorothée Munyaneza
Music Khyam Allami, Dorothée Munyaneza
Costumes Stéphanie Coudert
From a text by Elsa Dorlin
Light Marine Levey
Sound management Camille Frachet
Stage management Marion Piry

Production CIE Kadidi, Virginie Dupray
Coproduction Tanz in August Berlin, Chaillot Théâtre National de la Danse, Maison de la Danse Lyon, DeSingel Anvers, Châteauvallon-Liberté Toulon, Montévidéo Marseille
Support Camargo Foundation|Cassis, DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Duration 60'

With the support of Nuovi Mecenati - Franco Italian Foundation for Contemporary Creation.