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Sep 09 2022 16:00
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Centre of Rovereto

Proyecto X

Andrea Paz | Compagnia Silere Arts

National premiere - site specific

Proyecto X, Andrea Paz | Compagnia Silere Arts

A street game with inflatable metal cubes the size of people: Proyecto X arrives in Rovereto, which turns into a stage for Silere Arts, the Chilean-Catalan company that will transform the urban fabric into a playground where it is still possible to have fun together.

A plastic and fleeting intervention by means of cubes that will appear and disappear in the city to invite us to regain ownership of public spaces in a fun and unusual way.

The audience and the performers will contribute to an individual and collective catharsis, creating havoc and disrupting the order of the city to create together, to coexist and to find again in the city streets and squares a space of encounter, dialogue and civic celebration.

Proyecto X is our fourth creation. We decided to go out and play in the street, to use public space and, through meeting people, create a space in community.

- Andrea Paz, Silere Arts

Free admission event.

The show will start in Via Fontana and continue in Via Garibaldi, Via Mazzini, Piazza Cesare Battisti, Via Roma and Largo Foibe.

Proyecto X

Direction Andrea Paz
Performers Ives Laborie, Álvaro Castillo, Claudia Gonzalez, Thania Paulinni, Gonzalo Dalgalarrando, Andrea Paz
Music Cdm - Centro Didattico MusicaTeatroDanza
Costume Design Andrea Paz e Mónica Cortés
Photography Sabine Greppo e Claudio Rojas
Production Andrea Paz

Duration 60 min

With the support of the Comune di Rovereto