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Sep 08 2023 16:30
Sep 08 2023 17:30

Mart, Rovereto

Pasolini/Elogio alle barbarie

Enzo Cosimi

Performance and Video Installation

Pasolini/Elogio alle barbarie, Compagnia Enzo Cosimi | ph Piero Tauro

What connects Pier Paolo Pasolini, the African continent and the pandemic that has hit the world in recent years? What has happened to us after 2020? Looking to the future, what can we learn from the mistakes of the past?

Enzo Cosimi enters the exhibition spaces of the Mart with the evocative and hypnotic images of a solo, a duet and a video installation.

In Visione Africana he revives the ghosts of Africa, evoking the ancestral strength of a violated continent that presents a new humanity. But what humanity do we have left after the isolation to which the pandemic has forced us?

The Respirator, featuring Rovereto-born performer Alice Raffaelli together with Lorenzo Caldarozzi, addresses the experience of a diseased world and the eternal struggle between Eros and Thanatos, a theme dear to the poet from Friuli.

The triptych of the choreographer from Rome at Oriente Occidente concludes with Fari nella notte, a video work that takes us back to Pier Paolo Pasolini and his thought, which often comes to our rescue in moments of deep crisis.

Enzo Cosimi, dancer, choreographer, has been leaving audiences with a stinging memory of contrasting landscapes and contexts since the early 1980s, with creative vigour and dazzling visions.

- Francesca Pedroni, Il Manifesto

Accessible space for people with physical disabilities.
Presence of strobe lights.
Presence of smoke.

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Pasolini/Elogio alle barbarie
Visione Africana

Choreography and staging Enzo Cosimi
Artistic direction Enzo Cosimi
Performer Ambra Stucchi

Duration 40'

The Respirator

Staging Enzo Cosimi
Alice Raffaelli, Lorenzo Caldarozzi

Duration 15'

Fari nella notte

Video Enzo Cosimi
Technical advisor
Roberto Carotenuto

Duration 40'

In collaboration Mart - Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto.