Oriente OccidenteOriente Occidente
Aug 26 2023 18:30

Auditorium Melotti, Rovereto

Musiche dell'altro mondo

OrcheXtra Terrestre

Concert | Festival Preview

Musiche dell'altro Mondo, OrcheXtra Terrestre

When the Earth is in motion, geography recombines in a movement of peoples and cultures that come together.

OrcheXtra Terrestre is the story of a journey, a musical, human and artistic project that speaks the language of the music of the world, a place that is at once Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, mixed together in a mosaic of colours, scents, sounds, languages and dialects of the Blue Planet.

Concert opening with the Lab Il mio canto libero by CDM Rovereto.

OXT After Show Party
Bar area | 10.30 pm

At the end of the concert, in the theatre bar area, the artists meet the audience, in a convivial atmosphere with food & drink, sipping and tasting the other world.

In collaboration with Le Formichine Cucina Solidale and Mandacarù Altromercato.

A richly diverse mosaic of cultures representing, in a small format, the city's main communities from Africa, Europe, the Americas and India.

- Fabio De Santi, L’Adige

Space accessible to people with physical disabilities.
Family-friendly performance.

For more information on accessibility click here.

Musiche dell'altro mondo

Artistic direction Corrado Bungaro

Performers Corrado Bungaro (strings), Giordano Angeli (guitar/ sax / arrangement), Helmi M’Hadhbi (oud), Sara Giovinazzi (voice / percussion), Loris Vescovo (voice / guitar), Emanuela Bungaro (voice / viola), Adele Pardi (voice / cello), Alpha Condè (voice), Luca Degani, (bandoneon / accordion), Stefano Dellantonio (hurdy-gurdy), Angel Ballester Veliz (saxophones), Giovanni Parrinello (trumpet/ bass tube/ voice), Mattia Cappelletti (flute / sax), John Salins (percussion), Gianni Morelli (percussion), Filip Milenkovic (drums), Carlo La Manna (bass)

Duration 90’