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Sep 06 2020 15:00
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Piazza del Mart - Peep Show, Rovereto

Peep show NON omologato

Michela Lucenti | Balletto Civile

Three couples, three fast moving stories. Three rounds, one per couple. Each one is at a point on its own path of meaning, the lights come on and the audience finds itself sharing peeping through a hole in the wall. Each spectator is alone in front of the performance and the point of view is constantly changing, making them disregard what seemed clear just before.

Peep show NON omologato

Concept and choreography Michela Lucenti
Creative collaboration
Maurizio Camilli and Emanuela Serra
Maurizio Camilli, Francesco Gabrielli, Michela Lucenti, Alessandro Pallecchi, Emanuela Serra, Giulia Spattini

The show takes place in the set design of the show "A peep show for Cinderella" at the La Ribalta Theater-Kunst der Vielfalt.