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Via Roma, Rovereto | Piazza di Piedicastello, Trento

MAD Museo antropologico del danzatore

Michela Lucenti | Balletto Civile


“Dance is the beginning of all things; it saw the light together with Eros, because this primigenial dance already appears in the chorus of the constellations, in the movement of planets and stars, in the Ring a Ring o' Roses and in the evolutions that they weave in the sky and in the harmony of their order". It is from this reflection of the sophist Luciano di Samosata (160 AD) that Michela Lucenti takes inspiration for the MAD Museo antropologico del danzatore.

Balletto Civile returns to present bodies to the viewer’s gaze. The Whole needs to be Elsewhere, dance means stepping into another world, this is what has always fascinated the choreographer from La Spezia and her team of artists. But what kind of dance can we watch and offer after the disorientation of the pandemic and social distancing?

"Going back to seeing a body up close - explains Michela Lucenti - perceiving its warmth, energy and expressive force, as well as satisfying the need for beauty. We believe that’s what we need right now." 

The protagonists of this original creation/installation in the squares of Rovereto and Trento are ten dancers/actors immersed in the Museo antropologico del danzatore that Lucenti created so that every person's physical components become a work of art. A plastic veil that conjures up the image of display case, but also a greenhouse, a diaphragm or a magnifying glass, separates the dancing body from the external gaze of the public. It will be the explosive force of the body that acts as a detonator and a magnet for the viewing public. After all, in every display case there is always a unique piece; the story of a man, or a woman, that are united by a common background, a Symphony that resounds like a secular prayer.

Observing and studying this human material is the task of the spectator who is surrounded by a structure orchestrated by soloists who through sounds, words and songs, create fragmented, imaginary micro-worlds.

A background that unites and challenges this singular historical moment. “I don't think - explains Lucenti - that in this particular pandemic situation it is important to build representations. Better, rather, to deconstruct the mimetic form in favour of a the symbolic, so that the dancing body becomes an intermediary of change; and really the body’s act is itself an act of transformation as always, between the lines of our words and the sweat of our bodies".

MAD Museo antropologico del danzatore

Concept Michela Lucenti
Creative collaboration
 Maurizio Camilli, Emanuela Serra, Alessandro Pallecchi
Danced by
 Balletto Civile
Sound design
 Guido Affini, Tiziano Scali
Balletto Civile
In co-production with
 Oriente Occidente Festival – Festival Fisiko! – ultimo punto association / festival artisti in piazza festival pennabilli
And with the support of