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Sep 11 2021 09:00
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From Chiesa S. Osvaldo, Rovereto

Juliette on the Road

Loredana Parrella


Twain physical dance theatre was established in 2006 as a professional training project and dance company. Over the years it has grown into a Regional Dance Production Centre in Lazio and a National Artistic Residency Centre, and under the strong guidance of Loredana Parrella it has always found new life. The founder’s artistic vision focuses on plurality, exchange and the invitation to create opportunities for multiform choreographers also among the new generations. In addition to works by Parrella herself and Loris Petrillo, the Twain Physical Dance Theatre company interprets and supports works by under-35 choreographers, such as Yoris Petrillo, Aleksandros Memetaj, Collettivo SA.NI./Nicola Cisternino-Sara Sguotti, Jessica De Masi, Maria Stella Pitarresi, Marco Pergallini.

Appearing for the first time at Oriente Occidente, they will lead the public through the streets of Rovereto in the footsteps of Juliette, in the on-the-road performance, conceived as a voyage of discovery by Loredana Parrella and freely inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with texts by Aleksandros Memetaj.

A metaphorical journey, but not only, into the nuances of love bequeathed to us by the Bard, beginning with Juliet's torment, when – in Act Four of the play – she awakens from the deep sleep induced by Friar Lawrence's potion and sees her Romeo lifeless before her. Hence the inspiration for Parrella to focus, with ten young and talented performers, on Juliet's fragility, passions and memories through the characters who have influenced her life and history: Romeo, of course, but also her nurse, Mercutio, Tybalt, Friar Lawrence, etcetera etcetera... A merry-go-round swirling around Juliet, who demands not only a central role but for the story to begin all over again, even when our Juliette would probably wish to leave everything behind her and hit the road again. So, let’s follow Juliette!

Itinerary through the center of Rovereto with departure from Chiesa S. Osvaldo.

Juliette on the Road

Choreography Loredana Parrella
Dancers Giulia Cenni, Jessica De Masi, Umberto Gesi, Caroline Loiseau, Giulia Manenti, Aleksandros Memetaj,  Guia Meucci, Marco Pergallini,  Yoris Petrillo, Maria Stella Pitarresi and Michele Scappa
Choreographic assistant Yoris Petrillo
Texts Aleksandros Memetaj
Freely adapted from Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare
Costume design Gianluca Formica and Loredana Parrella
Production Twain Centro di Produzione Danza 2019
Co-production Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena
In collaboration with Quartieri dell'Arte - Festival Internazionale di Teatro, ATCL Lazio, Festival Cortoindanza - Cagliari, Vera Stasi/Progetti per la Scena, Festival del Teatro Medioevale e Rinascimentale di Anagni and Festival Orizzonti Verticali/Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
Artist residencies Supercinema e Teatro Il Rivellino - Tuscania and T.OFF e Fucina Teatro - Cagliari
Supported by 
MiC - Ministero della Cultura, Regione Lazio, Fondazione Carivit - Viterbo and Comune di Tuscania