Oriente OccidenteOriente Occidente
Sep 05 2020 18:30

Teatro alla Cartiera, Rovereto


Arkadi Zaides

Making theatre and art a viaticum for understanding the world, is what pushes Arkadi Zaides to go on stage, to denounce and to become a human rights activist. Back in Rovereto, five years after his 'political' and documentary solo Archive - a burning investigation into the management of cohabitation in the occupied territories in the West Bank, seen through the eyes of the Palestinians - the Belarusian artist, originally active in Israel and now in France, presents Talos at the Festival.

A solo which takes its name from the research project funded by 10 countries and 14 world institutions between 2008 and 2013, aimed at the development of a state-of-the-art IT system for monitoring territorial borders. Monitoring and control measures against illegal immigration with semi-autonomous robots in support of the border guards. Although the European TALOS project remained an experiment - a fully-fledged test on technological capability - the discovery of such research led Zaides to develop his Talos together with a team composed of choreographers, playwrights and video artists to answer some questions: what is the possible relationship between movement, groundbreaking technologies and the fate of borders? What kind of choreography arises and develops near a territorial limit? What restrictive strategies define movement?

On stage Zaides establishes a dynamic game of action and reaction, limitation and transgression, stasis and stillness helped by technology. Zaides once again wants to encourage the audience's critical spirit: he doesn’t present his point of view but rather the mechanisms that pushed the promoting States to develop the research. As a result, his performance doesn’t become a space for debate, but rather an instrument to capture, display and derail an ideology.


Concept and direction Arkadi Zaides
In collaboration with 
Claire Buisson, Nienke Scholts, Jonas Rutgeers, Youness Anzane, Effi & Amir (Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein), Gabriel Braga, Culture Crew, Amit Epstein, Dyane Neiman, Thalie Lurault, Etienne Exbrayat, Simge GücükTechnical director: Etienne Exbrayat