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Piazza del Mart - Peep Show, Rovereto

Un peep show per Cenerentola

Antonio Viganò & Michela Lucenti | Balletto Civile


A scenic space consisting of a circular platform, surrounded by 14 individual cabins that will accommodate 14 spectators. The peep show was born in 1437 and is par excellence the place of the voyeuristic gaze, the place where you look, hidden in your cabin, through the keyhole. It is a closed box, in which you peek to look for habitually invisible worlds, dreamlike images, nostalgic memories. Those inside perform for the audience who do not want to be seen and, despite the separation, the space creates an intimate, almost secret relationship between actor and spectator.

In the 1920s used as a place for games of seduction and sensuality in velvet atmospheres, the Peep Show now has another opportunity. Teatro la Ribalta has decided to make it the appropriate stage space for the moment we are going through, thus guaranteeing physical distancing, without losing the uniqueness of the live show or giving up sociality. It was born in this space Un peep show per Cenerentola of Teatro la Ribalta, written and directed by Antonio Viganò with the choreography of Michela Lucenti.

Cinderella is a suggestion, which leads to the themes of desire, appearance and beauty. Cinderella is very busy cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, but as soon as she is aware and master of her body and beauty, she will no longer be exclusive to the prince, but she can be admired by those who are willing to pay to listen to her story.

Un peep show per Cenerentola

Text and direction Antonio Viganò
Artistic collaboration
 Paola Guerra and Paolo Grossi
Movements and choreographies
 Michela Lucenti
Scenes and costumes
 Roberto Banci
Actors of
the La Ribalta-Kunst der Vielfalt Theatre
Teatro la Ribalta-Kunst der Vielfalt (Bolzano)
Oriente Occidente Dance Festival

Realized with the support of EBA Europe Beyond Access and Creative Europe