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Nadenh Poan

Nadenh Poan is a Senior Dance Artist and Choreographer. He is a manual wheelchair user.

He began working part-time with Epic Arts in 2005 in Cambodia, where he's from, and went on to study with them on a two-year programme enabling him to learn more about contemporary dance, choreography, drama and visual arts. He received choreographic mentoring for his short works from Chisato Minamimura and Adam Benjamin.

Nadenh joined Stopgap in 2013 as a dancer in the emerging artist company Sg2, and joined the company in 2016 for the show The Enormous Room. He is currently touring nationally around the UK and internationally with Stopgap's outdoor piece FROCK.

Reflections is a dance duet inspired by the Cambodian jungle which was home to the choregrapher Nadenh Poan as a young disabled child.

Reflections offers an intimate personal perspective on the tensions and memories of leaving your home. Christian Brinklow and Emily Lue-Fong, are the two performers on stage. They represent the two phases of the choreographer's life: Christian is the present, the artist living in the UK, and Emily the past, the young Nadenh in Cambodia. These two entities coexist in the personality of the choreographer and artist that Nadenh Poan is today.

The performance is driven by excerpts of Cambodian music that the choreographer performs live, improvising with an electronic drum pad to build a dense and articulate score. A video projection of a river with scenery drifting past is also incorporated which captures Nadenh's early life living on a boat.