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Marta Bellu

Marta Bellu dancer, choreographer and psychologist, is interested in awareness and expression practices involving the mind-body system in an artistic, evolutionary and social sense.

Since 2014 she has been involved in choreographic research in dialogue with language and musical composition, investigating the relationship between body, sound and light.

In the same period she began working on dance and choreographic research projects with people with disabilities collaborating with L'Associazione Trisomia21, Autismo Svizzera Italiana, MAD (Murate Art District), and since 2021 with dancer Laura Lucioli for the show I versi delle Mani.

I versi delle mani weave sound patterns, they draw dances, they are mouths that open.

The air, light, takes shape, becomes a gesture, a circular sound, one generates the other. They speak to each other. It is the hand that gives the time and the response of the lung. Physical sounds, proximity and sidereal distance. Producing a breath of air to activate the fire, a circulating intensity.

Rotation, balance, an out-of-control dance.

I versi delle mani is a 2021 production, the aim of the residency is to develop a poetic audio-description that can not only make the performance accessible to a blind and visually impaired audience, but also inform the dramaturgy and enrich the work by placing it in dialogue with the relational plot that constitutes the origin of the choreographic and sound score.

In partnership with APS Arcigay Il Cassero / Gender Bender, Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara di Trento, APS Fuori Luogo (Festival Fisiko!), Associazione Nexus di Bologna, IAC, Menhir/Le Danzatrici en plein air e TeatroMenzatì/Tex il teatro dell'ExFadda, Versiliadanza