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Federica Loredan

Graduate in anthropology, she studied at the Conservatory of Music, graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa and studied Italian Sign Language (LIS), but she is above all a dancer and choreographer, a profound connoisseur of Afro-American dances and particularly connected to African culture.

These seemingly disconnected experiences converge into a distinct poetics and a unique identity, with a strong aesthetic-spatial sense, great attention to gesture and storytelling, and a vast technical background, particularly focused on the concept of three-dimensionality of the music related to them.

He works in several professional academies, theater companies and hip hop crews of the underground scene. He regularly holds internships in Italy and Europe.

She has projects with immigrants, at-risk youth, deaf, disabled, early childhood to her credit. Artistic director of Female Jam, first Italian female hip hop event. Assistant to Virgilio Sieni for L'Atlante del Gesto 2017.

Collaborates with scientific research institute InfoMus/CasaPaganini for several European projects related to sound, movement and new technologies. Artist for Dansathon in collaboration with Theatre de Liège, Maison de la danse de Lyon, Sadler's Wells London and Fondazion BNP Paribas.

Federica Loredan is one of the winners of the Spring call, a project created in collaboration with Gaia Clotilde Chernetich, a dramaturg and dance scholar, with the aim of growing new projects by supporting their artistic development through the constant mentoring of a team of experts. In April 2022, she was hosted for two weeks in the studio of Oriente Occidente to refine her work Gocce - rituale di comunità.

This creation stems from historical, social, anthropological research. The interest is in bringing together different languages and different planes of interpretation because it stages an ancient craft, that of the laundresses. There is no intention of a historical reconstruction or to bring back to life something that no longer exists, but to analyze in a more metaphorical sense the figure of the laundress, who deals with dirt and somehow with the secrets, memories and shames of others.

It is not a work conceived in the singular, but an imagery related to a community of women, where the symbolism of water, the primordial and feminine element par excellence, is predominant.

Federica opened a call during the residency period offering the possibility for a group of women to take part in the work sessions. Each of them brought their own stories, their experiences, other memories with respect to this theme, enriching the work with multiple nuances.

For me, being here took on added meaning because the project was nourished by what came from the place, both in terms of people and in terms of stories and memories.

- Federica Loredan