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Claudia Caldarano

Artist in residence

Graduated in Graphic Art Engraving at the Scuola Internazionale Bisonte in Florence and as an actress at the Scuola Civica di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan, Claudia Caldarano is an artist active in the field of performing art. Her artistic research focuses mainly on political and aesthetic messages that can be conveyed by the poetic body.

Since 2010, she has dedicated herself to choreographic and transdisciplinary creations, often in collaboration with live musicians or accompanied by interactive scenographic installations in order to have a direct contact with the spectator or viewer and to offer new points of view.

She receives several international prizes and awards in her career, most recently Crossing the Sea, Cura and Kommtanz. In 2022 she is selected as a director for the Biennale College Teatro Regia in Venice and in 2021 as a choreographer for the Nid Platform Open Studios.

She is an associate artist of the Nina association and a dancer for the Virgilio Sieni company since 2014.