International Projects

a project funded under the "Boarding pass plus" call for proposals
of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

In the last 20 years we have witnessed a significant transformation in the field of artistic research: the new generations of creatives have focused on "site specific" and "human specific" contexts; they have turned to diversified publics; they have developed exportable formats in different contexts and mixed styles and disciplines.
Crossing the sea wants to relaunch this great cultural ferment in an international dimension, which has produced a stratified wealth of artistic experiences: the meeting with the Asian and Middle Eastern area, bringing different stimuli and approaches from the European models, is an opportunity to support this creative vivacity and expand its scope.
The project involves the creation of a device to support Italian artists, curators and managers in undertaking new professional paths and in approaching new areas of artistic exchange; it also aims to strengthen the relationship between the members of the Italian partnership and foreign partners, expanding the network to other subjects (both in Italy and in partner countries) to allow new projects, an efficient flow of information, bilateral processes.
The promotion of two public calls, one for artistic projects and one for the operators' mobility, aims to rectify some of the critical aspects of the live show system in the short to medium term: the lack of sources of support for individual mobility, the lack of knowledge of the systems of other countries, especially in the Mena / Asia geographical areas, the criticality in identifying interlocutors and subjects to collaborate with.
The long-term goal of the partner network is to represent an Italian antenna and act as a facilitator of internalization processes towards Italian artists and exchanges with Middle Eastern and Asian operators and companies.

Italian partners: Marche Teatro, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Incontri Internazionali di Rovereto, Anghiari Dance Hub, Armunia Castigliocello, Mosaico Danza Torino, Ass. Lis Lab performing arts Nebbiuno (NO)

Foreign partners: Maqamat (Lebanon), Attakalari Center for Movement Arts (India), T.H.E. Dance Company (Singapore), Seoul section of CID-UNESCO / SIDance (Korea), National Performing Arts Center (Taiwan), CCDC Hong Kong, Shangai Dramatic Arts Center (dance and theatre fields), Hong Kong Arts Festival (China)

Project calendar

October 2018: Start of the exchange and relations between the partners. Publication of calls

November 2018: publication of announcements

December 2018: Closing of the calls and selection. Final calendar of activities.

January 2019: Initial tutoring of the selected. Identification of festivals to which the selected operators participate.

February - November 2019: Artistic projects: Hospitality in Italy at the partners to start the work process. Activities abroad with a final demonstration event or other return activities. Hospitality with Italian restitution partners.

December 2019: Closing of the project. Results processing.