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EDN | European Dancehouse Network

From January 2022 we joined the prestigious international network EDN - European Dancehouse Network, which brings together 48 dance houses in 27 European countries.

EDN aims at cooperation between dance houses that share a common vision on the development of the art of dance beyond national borders, for the guarantee of a sustainable future of this artistic sector, increasing its importance within society.

The EDN network includes some of the most active and important centres of the European contemporary dance scene with the aim of promoting and supporting artists and their artistic and professional growth.

The work of the EDN network is oriented towards achieving these objectives:

  • Improving art management skills, offering teaching and mentoring

  • Support an ongoing audience education programme and share tools for audience development

  • Supporting a platform for intercultural exchange, that can be qualifying for partner associations. Develop joint projects, share knowledge

  • Use projects to address cultural issues by integrating minorities to encourage active cultural participation

  • Communicate models and good practices, offer support and useful information

  • Promote exchanges for artistic development and co-production