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Fri 30 Aug
Piazza Malfatti, Rovereto
16.00 / 18.00
Miranda Henderson
Malik Diouf
The Urban Playground Team - United Kingdom

Zoo Humans



The UK’s Urban Playground Team were the first company to combine urban & contemporary dance with authentic French parkour. One of the members of the group is, in fact, co-creator of parkour Malik Diouf. In Zoo Humans, a group of people are forgetting how to move. As they become aware of their artificial environment they must decide whether to escape or remain in the comfort of a cage.

Direction and choreography Malik Diouf, Miranda Henderson
Music Chris Umney
Dancers Alister O’Loughlin, Tim Merrifield, Grace Sellwood
Produced by The Urban Playground Team
With the support of Arts Council England & The Hall for Cornwall


Photo credit Matthew Andrews, Richard Baybutt, Malik Diouf