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Sat 31 Aug
Teatro Zandonai, Rovereto
Liu Qi
Guangdong Modern Dance Company - China


Ticket from 14 € to 22 €
Under 26 con/with Oriente Occidente Emozioni 5 €


Liu Qu is the artistic director and choreographer of the Chinese Guangdong Modern Dance Company. Sumeru takes its name from the mountain at the centre of Buddhist cosmology and its creative idea from one of Buddha’s maxims: “a tiny seed can reveal all the wonders of the world”. Dance for Liu Qi is this seed, bringer of infinite facets that are revealed to those who know how to observe with attention, dance which unfolds in a game of interaction, bodily connections and spatial geometry of adamantine quality.

Concept and choreography Liu Qi
Music Kung Chi Shing, Tom Lee Pettersen 
Light design Low SheeHoe
Costumes K@FingPop Movement
Dancers Chen Baiyu, Chang Chieh-Hann, Guo Fan, Li Jiahao, Zhang Long, Wang Meizhi, Peng Mi, Li Siyu, Fang Suying, Lee Ya-Jui, Zhang Yan, Zhang Yuting, Belinda Zhang, Su Zihao
Produced by Guangdong Modern Dance Company
With the support of China National Arts Fund
Duration 60’


Photo Credit TAN Wei, LIN Xiaoyi