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Sat 31 Aug - Sun 1 Sep
MART, Rovereto
Martin Talaga
Martin Talaga - Czech Republic


Ticket 10 €
Under 26 5 €


This site-specific dance Soma, by the Slovak choreographer Martin Talaga, is performed by three professional dancers and a large number of locally chosen volunteers who were previously trained in workshops. In this work, the choreographer aims to probe into the "glory and ugliness” of the male body. In an atmosphere reminiscent of the garden of Eden, human sculptures come to life where these bodies appear to be awoken by the surrounding environment. The background music to this conceptual piece is enigmatic and subtle, evoking the primordial state of nature.

Concept and choreography Martin Talaga
Music Myko
Light design Karlos Šimek
Dancers Anton Eliaš, Radim Klásek, Marek Menšík
Production Dominika Skálová
Duration 35’

Photo Credit 
Michal Hancovský, Petr Kurecka, Svetlana Lopato