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Wed 5 Sep
Progetto Manifattura

Call Wanda Moretti

Moretti, Wanda
Wanda Moretti, pioneer of vertical dance in Italy returns with musician and composer Marco Castelli to this year’s festival with a new site-specific performance for the Tobacco Factory Project, entitled Il Gigante. By analyzing the place, its history and its new mission, the choreographer breathes life into vertical and aerial characters who re-evoke, through sensorial display, an image of the Factory transformed for the event into a library of story-telling bodies.

Company will select 3 dancers/performer for the production of the new creation which will be presented this 7th and 8th September with rehearsal on 6th September. The selection will take place during the vertical and aerial workshop lead by Wanda Moretti on 5th September from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Manifattura Tabacchi (Rovereto-TN)

People who want to participate in the workshop and selection can register by sending an email to cid@centrodelladanza.it, specifying as object:Name_Surname_IlGigante  and attaching the following documentation:

1) Cv and personal information,
2) Full-body shot,
3) Link video of an exhibition,
4) Participation form --> 
clik here for download
5) Enpals declaration --> 
clik here for download

We will take a week, after receiving the candidature, to answer you and comunicate selected people for the workshop ( 5th September) and indicate how to pay registration fee 50 €.

At the end of the workshop 3 partecipants will be select to perform during the show on 7th and 8th September (reharlsal 6th Septemeber).

Wanda Moretti
A choreographer and researcher, her dance studies focus on systems of proportion and the harmony of the space. She is the first dancer in Italy to have undertaken vertical dance in 1990, developing and spreading this practice before creating a specialist technique and creating performances in which space and movement merge in a single scene.

In 1994, she and the musician Marco Castelli founded the Compagnia Il Posto in Venice.
Parallel to her choreographic work, she has also done personal research into the educational potential of dance in a social and extracurricular setting.  She participated in the first Training Course for Dance Educators run by the Centro Mousikè in Bologna together with the History of Dance sector of DAMS University of Bologna and Aterballetto.
In 2002, she won the third Museum Education Competition run by the Veneto Regional Government with her project Le arti visive attraverso il corpo e il movimento (visual arts through the body and movement). 
In 2011, she created and developed Vertical Suspension Training®, a teaching method for dancers on a vertical plane.
Since 2012 she has started a collaboration with the Department of Management of the Ca Foscari University in Venice, courses in Design and Innovation Management and in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities. In 2015 she created "Habitat Verticali" for the opening of the EXPO in Milan for Cascina Triulza Foundation and again in 2015 she realized the choreographies of the vertical roles of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" for the muscovite Company Ogennie. Among the most successful creations she realized "Kinetic" in 2009 on commission of ENEL, "Exuvia" in 2010 from Teatro Cargo and Genova Festival, "Atto Bianco" (2012) Kuopio International Festival, "Little Nemo" (2014) International Festival of Bangkok, in 2015 opening of the Venice Carnival "Molto Tesa" on the Tese Cinquecentesche of the Venice Arsenal, "Forme Uniche" in 2016 Invisibles Cities Festival of Gorizia, "Sonora Lux", Teatro Politeama of Lecce. In 2017 "The Hill Sphere" aerial dance creation with 6 dancers suspended on a crane and "Full Wall" commission from Roma Europa Festival. In 2018 #Verdinaria on commission from Teatro Regio di Parma for the opening of the Verdi Festival. Her work has been performed in Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Lithuania, Thailand, Ireland, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Botswana, Qatar, England, Slovenia, Macedonia, Finland, Bulgaria, Brazil, Germany, etc.

Moretti is founder member of  Vertical Dance Forum composed by 7 European and Canadian Vertical dance companies aims to strength capacity and visibility of the vertical dance. Vertical Dance Forum is Co-funded (2017-2019) by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
Annually she conducts training workshops for dancers and international research on vertical dance. Moretti continues with her creations on vertical surfaces and architecture, and publishes texts and articles on vertical dance and the possibilities of learning through the body in movement in relation to the space that surrounds us. In 2018 at the end of her research The Routes of Vertical Dance. Origins and history of the first generation 1960-2018, she is starting to spread the results in public lectures.