How far is artistic production influenced by the social, political and economic situation of the territory where artists are born, live and work? How do artists in Eastern Europe work?
What sparks off their creativity? What characterizes dance production in the Czech Republic, in Hungary and Slovakia?
What issues do festivals in these countries deal with? And what links the concepts of freedom and creativity so indissolubly?

These questions form the starting point for reflection in FOCUS #1, an indepth analysis dedicated to the production and spread of contemporary dance in Eastern European countries.
The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia will be at the centre of the debate, thanks to the participation of several important representatives of the cultural scene in these countries.
The director of Danza&Danza Maria Luisa Buzzi chairs the appointment.


H 10.00 Introduction by Maria Luisa Buzzi 
- Journalist and critic - Danza&Danza

H 10.15 
Gyuri Szabó 
- Artistic director Trafó Budapest
Contemporary dance in Hungary in Hungary | Case study: Trafó Budapest 

Maja Hriešik 
- PLAST - Platform of contemporary Slovakian dance
Contemporary dance in Slovakia | Case study: PLAST

Markéta Perroud 
- Artistic co-director Tanec Praha
Yvona Kreuzmannová 
- Founder and director of Tanec Praha
Contemporary dance in the Czech Republic | Case study: Tanec Praha

H 11.00 Coffee Break

H 11.30
The context

Orsoloya Bàlynt 
- Journalist and critic
The contemporary scene in Eastern Europe: trends, companies, dancers and performers

Luisa Chiodi 
- Director OBC Transeuropa (CCI)
Art and politics, creativity and freedom

H 12.00  Q&A

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