Oriente Occidente Emozioni

Oriente Occidente Emozioni is personal, not transferable and it costs 10 €.
Offers - 30% on tickets*, entrance at 5 euro for under 26

And also gives you:

• Gadget, poster and catalogue of Oriente Occidente

• Discount of 10% on 2019 CID Centro Internazionale della Danza's workshop >> click here for the program

• Customized info and e-mail

• Discounted tickets for Mart, Muse, Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra, Campana dei Caduti, Museo Civico di Rovereto

• Discount of 10% at bookshop Arcadia, Rovereto (only for the Festival period)

• Possibility of buying a 2019/2020 season ticket for the Teatro Sociale-InDanza Trento and the Auditorium Melotti in Rovereto-InDanza.
Rovereto of the Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara at the rate "Reduced conventions"

• Meetings with some guest choreographers and entrace to open reherasal of productions (seat limited)

26/8 Pietro Marullo at 6pm Auditorium Melotti
27/8 Davide Valrosso at 6pm Teatro alla Cartiera
28/8 Luna Cenere at 5pm Teatro alla Cartiera
4/9 Michela Lucenti at 7pm Auditorium Melotti
5/9 Compagnie Retouramont at 5pm Progetto Manifattura

• For Coop members, from 6th directly at the ticket office, one ticket at 7 € choosing between the performances of:
- Pietro Marullo - Hive - Our Hydrological need of cosmic lines (30/8)
- Pál Frenák - Birdie (1/9)
- Claudio Bernardo - #Frontiera (3/9)
- Michela Lucenti - Madre (5/9)
- Ina Christel Johannessen -  Frozen Songs (7/9)

*Valid for all the show in the theatres except:
- Martin Talaga - Soma (Mart - 31/8 and 1/9)
- Cirque Rouage - ...Sodade... (Progetto Manifattura 4/9)