Oriente Occidente’s merchandise has arrived!

Thanks to the collaboration with REDO Upcycling we have created bags, backpacks, cases and card holders with the communication materials of the Festivals of the last two years: banners and flags that have invited you to the Festival now become unique pieces, each one different from the other, to keep the emotions of your favorite shows.

Our merchandising is made by REDO Upcycling with a production process that pays attention to the environment and people: every single piece is made only with recycled material and thanks to the commitment, creativity and desire for redemption of frail workers.

Nothing could be fairer: buy one of our unique pieces and bring East West always with you!

bag - 40 €
backpack - 22 €
case - 8 €
card holders - 5 €

Email us at and make an appointment or visit us at the ticket office, set up beginning August 23, to come pick out your unique piece.