Program 2020

2020 should have been a special year for Oriente Occidente Dance Festival with the celebrations for our fortieth birthday, but Coronavirus forced us to reconsider our plans. As "Pilgrims of our time", overwhelmed by a thousand uncertainties, often hesitantly, together with the artists, we were obliged, to find a new aim for the art of dance.

Firstly, it was impossible to complete the Silk Road project started three years ago as. Understandably, three companies from China, scheduled pre-pandemic, were unable to reach us. Secondly, however, we reflected on what concerned us, of how we have changed in this time of isolation. Do we still conceive of the body in the same way? Certainly, the fear of contagion, the lack of physical contact dictated by protective practices, a widespread uncertainty about the future and the feeling of fragility that has pervaded us, have inevitably changed our lives and, with them, the perception of our body. Now, more aware of our own organic finiteness, we can envisage the chasm and the scream for survival during the fall that ensues. This is exactly what Marcos Morau creates in his brand-new Sonoma, for La Veronal, the manifesto-show of this 40th edition: here the scream of man, forced into the rhythm of existence, becomes primitive. From the union of the words soma and sonum, Morau derives the title of his piece to remind us, through the 'sound of the body', that we are still alive and, above all, awake.