The center of the activities of CID and Festival Oriente Occidente, located in Corso Rosmini 58 in Rovereto, welcome and host many residencies of young dance companies.

This opportunity allows young artist to have access to a space (over 300 mqs) to work on and develop a creation that it will be coproduced by the Festival and be presented at the end of the creative residency or introduced to other circuits.

If you are interested to the use of the space don't hesitate to contact us to have further information.
T: 0464 431660

Hosted companies

In 2018 Cid and Festival Oriente Occidente hosted C&C Company Carlo Massari, Cie Insiemi Irreali di Pietro Marullo, Cie MF Francesco Colaleo e Maxime Freixas, Collettivo PirateJenny, Davide Valrosso, Irene Russolillo, Nicola Galli, Pontus Lidberg Dance e Danish Dance Theatre, Sharon Fridman, Salvo Lombardo.

In 2017 the companies in residency were 3D-3Dinamiche, Controra, Fattoria Vittadini, Gruppo E-Motion, Tommaso Monza, Collettivo Clochart, Compagnia Nervitesi, Salvo Lombardo, Irene Russolillo and Insiemi Irreali di Pietro Marullo.

In 2016 the center hosted Davide Valrosso, Gruppo E-motion, Lost Movement, La Veronal, Luca Veggetti, Salvo Lombardo and Tommaso Serratore.

In 2015 CID and Festival Oriente Occidente hosted for creative resindecies Andrea Gallorosso, Franca Zagatti, Irene Russolillo, MartinaMarinaDanceTheater and La Veronal.

In 2014 the center hosted Artedanza, Balletto Civile, Compagnia Francesca Selva, Franca Zagatti, Les Petits Pas, Compagnia Protein Dance, Sharon Fridman, Virgilio Sieni and Sanpapiè.

In 2013 CID and Festival Oriente Occidente hosted Auditorium Ballet/Iuvenis, 3D-3Dinamiche, Artea, Compagnia Francesca Selva,Compagnia Lam and Controra.

In 2012 the center hosted Adarte, Arte3, Megakles Ballet, Gruppo E-motion and Samotracia Teatrodanza.